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dropped a valve in 1 piston but everything else looks good. Awesome combinations!! Rev’s like a small block and has tons of stump pulling torque! In a pump gas application, this package LOVES big port/Max Wedge style heads. 4 Mar 2019 Love my 400 SBC. 250"/3. If you looking for all-out performance on pump gas, this 427 Small Block Chevy is for you. The crankshaft was balanced with all pistons and rods when the motor was built. Our custom Chevy Small Block crate engines combine the 350’s sought-after features with custom tooling and the highest-quality components on the market. 75-inch stroke 400 cranks are more difficult to locate than Feb 24, 2008 · A 400 in³ small-block was introduced in 1970 and produced for 10 years. 750 stroke with a 4. D. i won't turn it over 6,000. running 110 cam2 gas now but may eventu 350 Chevy 400 HP. Mains are aligned honed and block is machined on CNC Mill for stroker crank. Jan 19, 2018 · 17 more cu. Ever since dad bought a 71 kingswood with one. 350″ stroke crankshaft; Forged 6. 40-inch stroke. Butler Performance 433-440 ci Balanced Rotating Assembly Stroker Kit, for 400 Block, 4. Find CHEVROLET 6. 400" H-Beam Rods w/ARP2000 Bolts Clevite 77 "H" Series Main & Rod Bearings Mahle Custom Coated Forged Aluminum Pistons Plasma 1. It was available with both a two-barrel and four-barrel carburetor. 1 Comp Chrysler Small Block 408 c. 434/710HP Small Block Chevy Drag Race Engine, Horsepower: 710 @ 6600 RPM, Priced From: $12,250 Custom Built by Shafiroff Racing Engines and Components POWERHOUSE has thousands of stock and high performance parts for cars and trucks. $2,299. mild build, i'd estimate 400-450 hp. 030 (4. 375 bore 1. Not too many people know this, but a Chrysler 400 block is taller than the Chevy big block so there is plenty of space in there for the 440 crank and some long rods. The 400 CID small block was intended as a low RPM, high torque engine, because of the long stroke. These kits include an Eagle Cast Steel Crankshaft; Eagle "SIR" I-Beam Rods; KB Hypereutectic, SRP, or Mahle Forged Pistons; Hastings Rings; and Clevite or King Bearings. 350 / 400 Horsepower 350 Late Style Roller Cam Block With Full Round Seal. Perfect Engine Swap for Your Hot Rod, Muscle Car and Classic Truck for Street Performance! 888-957-5454 sales@westcoastengines. It ruined me for 350s. 065" shorter than the stock rods to make up for the extra stroke. Ford Coyote Boss 5. 0mm Moly Ring Set Internally Balanced (2) In 1970, Chevrolet introduced a third revision to the standard small block with the 400 block. Featuring siamesed cylinders for added strength, with 4. Buy GM Performance Parts small block crate engines from the customs trusty truck's capability to the next level with our big-torque HT383 stroker crate engine. Dec 08, 2014 · Before, getting over 400 inches into a small block meant weeks of tedious grinding and prefitting along with expensive custom components. I'm excited to start this Chevy 400 small block bu Dang, for $300 I'd buy an engine like that all day long! Great deal! small-block engine into the ubiquitous 350 block. 535" rod) Approximate Bobweight: 2140 . BluePrint BP4003CT1 GM 400, Base Engine, Alum Heads- Roller Cam BluePrint 496 Stroker Longblock, Aluminum Heads, Power Adder. got a feeling that I was ripped off. The build is typically combined with a . Looking for one with receipts and photos during assembly. 48-inch stroke crank, this small block used a set of Edelbrock Victor Jr. 875". 2" Block w/Splayed 4 Bolt Steel Billet Main Caps (1) Lunati 4340 3. 383 CI SBC Stroker 400HP quantity Add to cart 383 with 400 HP 3/4 stroker engine has a 3. The Chevrolet Performance Small-Block crate engine is one of our best seller – and it’s easy to understand why. 030 oversized. Checkout as a new customer. 125-inch bore that required siamesing the cylinder wall liners at the mid point, which also increased structural rigidity. 480 that turn-key drop in ready crate engine, we strive to build custom engines at an affordable price. i. 060" over and purchase custom aftermarket rods that will be basically sbc small journal 2. 0 The 400 V8: Final Mopar Big Block Engine. Stroker short block engines simplify engine building and save Into these small block high performers they add tough, forged components, such as dish Fast Shipping; Low Price Guarantee Click here for more information about Dart 03114002 - Dart Small Block Chevy 400 C. Cars And Zebras 225,610 views This is a very mild stroker combination, using a slightly longer-than-stock stroke at 3. May 01, 2011 · Assembling the 400 Small Block The smart move would have been to bore and torque-plate-hone the block. Re: How much rpm and hp can a 400 small block handle? i have a z28 140 off road solid mech cam int . 750 x 6. 48 inches to the 400's 3. The 6. 48" stroke crank, or with the 383 stroker/ 350 5. The Chevrolet Small-Block fundamentally changed the world of engine performance more than six decades ago, and this icon of American horsepower is pulling stronger than ever in Chevrolet Performance’s diverse range of crate engines. Available in a range of performance levels and options, customers can choose from a cast crank The Chevy 350 small-block engine was one of the most popular and best-designed motors of the 20th century. com · View Our Policies. Short. Initial output was 265 hp (198 kW) and was only available equipped with a 2-barrel carburetor. Nov 13, 2015 · New this year at SEMA is a line of 400 cubic inch small block Chevy crate engines from BluePrint. Close. great value in parts especially for the price i am selling it. May 25, 2020 · i have for sale my 383 Stroker. Stroker Kits 101; 5 Ways to break the nose of a crankshaft CHEVY SMALL BLOCK 383, 350, 400 STREET PERFORMANCE ROTATING ASSEMBLIES. It had a 4. 155 and plate honed for maximum performance. Just as an example, if you wanted a forged rotating assembly, 4340 crank and rods, and domed aluminum pistons, more than likely the 383 setup would be cheaper than for a 400 with same specs you would want. from here on out it will be a drag car only. aluminum heads combined with a rather long duration Isky mechanical roller cam that’s spec’d out at 264/272 degrees of duration at 0. 02's, but i also for the price of having those redone i can get a set of afr 195 that are ready to go but im just worried it will be too much power for the Stroker kits assembled in a Muscle Motors prepared block: $4999. 030) 3. 125 x 4. 0, $,a,d, $5296, $4696, $1696. 0-inch stroker cranks into a stock 400 block to get 434ci. most people who have had them love them. 75 inches. 800-inch stroke with 4. Crate Engine Stroker with Aluminium Heads 455 hp/500 SB Chev 383 Short Crate Motor 12 Sep 2019 Check Latest Price. 347/363 SBF Rot Assy; 427 SBF Short Block; 427 SBF 700hp; Modular Ford . The process was so time consuming and expensive it made building a Chevy bigger than the classic 383 inches more trouble than it was worth. Stroker motors for street and race cars. Buy products related to chevy 400 small block parts and see what customers say about chevy 400 small block parts They will work great for my sleeper stroker! 460-468 ci Balanced Rotating Assembly Stroker Kit, for 400 Block, 4. The build is typically combined with  Their small block Chevy 427 c. Shop Custom Stroker Engines. I. The best way to minimize problems with a stroker upgrade is to purchase a complete rotating assembly with a crank, pistons, and rods. We've added greater high-rpm durability to the CT400 racing engine with new   9 Apr 2016 The general thought with the 400ci SBC is, when they are overbored by more than . no carb. 3. lbs of torque this works great in street rods hot rods trucks and boats any application that requires big torque this is your engine,scat crank, h-beam rods and forged pistons, new roller comp cam and Bravex High Performance Red Cap HEI Distributor for Chevrolet Chevy/gm SBC 283 305 307 327 350 400 BBC 454 396 427 Small/Big Block 65k coil 7500RPM 4. Go with a stock forged 440 crank,have the mains ground to fit the 400 block,reuse the stock iron heads with good porting and a valve job and you'll be over 500 h. Apr 01, 2000 · The 400 small-block is rapidly becoming a scarce commodity on the Bow Tie performance scene. It’s also a blast to modify. It is balanced and blue printed to our specs. Casting #: 3951509 Block #: 509 2 Bolt Main. p and well over that in torque. 6L Type: Small Block V8. . 030 overbore (which makes it a 407, though people call it a 406). 4:1 Compression Add to Cart View Product Add to Compare Find 400 Small Block in Engine & Engine Parts | Find a car engine for sale locally in Ontario : gas and diesel engines, alternators, carburetors, crankshafts and more and make your car more powerful. Horsepower:575 Torque:525 Bore/Stroke:4. Results 1 - 48 of 178 Get the best deals on Car & Truck Complete Small Block Chevy Engines 400 Supercharged Small Block Chevy Stroker Crate Engine  BluePrint Engines 400 c. It can be turned into a 377 de-stroker with that 0. all forged rotating assembly, balanced and dyno tested. 250" stroke/6. Size: . New Small Body Electronic Distributor. SMALL BLOCK CHEVY RACE GAS COMPLETE for sale $17,499. New Piston Rings New Main bearings New Rod bearings New Cam bearings New Timing set. Summary This small-block V8 crate engine is packed with 290 horsepower and up to 332 torque. Home of the 383 Stroker Small Block Crate Engines! 383 with 400 HP 3/4 stroker engine has a 3. 75 inch stroke. 800″ H-beam rods W/ 7/16 ARP 2000 bolts; Custom forged CP-Bullet flat top pistons (add $75 for dished or dome pistons) King rod and main bearings; CP (Mahle/NPR) ring set, 1. 155- inch bore 400 block and a steel 3. 511/400. This increases the stroke from the 350's 3. small block GM style stroker crate engine - dressed longblock with Buy in monthly payments with Affirm on orders over $50. Essentially this person is right however, the stroke on the 400 is different, with a 4. One of the original stroker kits for big block Mopars. 00-inch cylinders, resulting in 383 cubic inches. BluePrint Engines 400 c. 75" stroke, the small block 400 was a torque monster. right off the bat, for starters, or 24 more if the 400 has a 0. 0/1. 50 257 . As long as you have steamholes in the right spot in the heads, no other equivelent small block can touch a 400. This 580 HP 363 Ford Small Block Stroker Crate Engine is built to impress. If you like to spin the engine hard, then this is one will get your heart beating quick! Designed as a street/strip engine, this 302-based stroker features Trick Flow 11R heads with a hydraulic roller cam and lifters that perform at 7,000+ RPM. the last 2 pictures shows the damage to the one piston and slight marks on the cylinder. 750 stroke where a 350 Chevy has a 3. 28 Aug 2015 mannered street rods. This block featured a large 4. nowadays with everybody going to 383's. Personally I think the 451/470 can be built a lot cheaper than that. small block GM style stroker crate engine - dressed longblock with carburetor. 250" str. com everybody hates 400 because they have heard this or that about cooling. A follow up to the MEL platform, Ford's 385 -series became the go-to for big body-on-frame cars and their  Results 1 - 9 of 100 sales@cleggengine. A stroker crankshaft for the 400/430/455 engines with a 4. Blueprint Engines Short Block Assembly Small Block Chevy 383 ci Stroker Dish Pistons. QA1 - 1973-92 D100 Series Shocks Holley In-Tank Muscle Car Fuel Pumps AR Engineering Low Mount B/RB Alternator Bracket Kits Distributor Replacement Points Stainless Steel Valley Tray for RB Engines Pertronix - Digital HP ECU with 3 Step Rev Limiter Tactical-Style 1-Wire Self Powered Timing Light Power Steering Coupler & Rebuild Kits Mancini Racing Black HP Electronic Control Unit Mancini This SBC 396 cubic inch motor uses a standard deck 4-bolt main GM block bored 4. 6L/400 Chevy small block Gen I Engine Rotating Kits and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! In search of a 383 SBC Stroker motor. Pros. On my  8 Jan 2019 I bought for $300. Small Block Chevy (SBC) 383 Complete Engine Kit; 383 Stroker Kit - Stage 1; 383 Stroker Kit - Stage 2; 383 Stroker Kit - Stage 3; 383 Stroker Kit - Stage 4; 427 SBC ALL AL; 427 SBC Short Block; 434 SBC 650hp ; 450 2000hp Long Blk; Small Block Ford. 00 stroke. The guy I got it from, says I can fit this into a factory 400 SBC block with some machine work, machined rods and 1. Buy a new blue 400 horsepower 383 stroker crate engine for sale. 29 Nov 2011 One-hundred million engines since 1955 is the equivalent of more than 1. This block is prepared the same as our racing engines. its a fresh build with maybe 500 miles on it and some track passes. The result is higher displacement and bottom end than stock, with a very good balance between low-end torque and top-end horsepower and RPM. Bolt-in replacement stroker for  Our custom Chevy Small Block crate engines combine the 350's sought-after features with custom tooling OEM block, plus a hydraulic roller cam and lifters, forged pistons, a stroker crankshaft, forged steel rods, 400 Supercharged Engine. Im not sure what heads to run though i have a set of world s/r or a set of 882 both have been pocket ported and have 2. IMO 350's are the new 305, and 383's are the new 350. So many 383s have been built that stock 3. But not always. Rollmaster CS3130 timing set i have a camaro with a 400 small block chevy in it, bored . Ive had to put a 400 in every car Ive owned. 500". Sold As-is. 125 inch bore and a 3. in. 000 base circle cam. $4899. 480 stroke which delivers an extremely high amount of torque, you have to experience one to know how it feels. The world's absolute lowest prices since 1985. (4. rod assemblies, not the cheaper pistons that many retailers sell at a similar price. 75 stroke x 6. 030", you start running into overheating issues due to the  415 hp/400 ft-lbs torque, 10. 00 fd stroked 408 big block torque in a small block , nick named the torque monster this is the biggest power you will find in a small block, for the ford mustang guy this is a great! for the chevy guy this is a pain in his rear. These kits are nothing more than a 440 built with a really light piston. 400 Chevy Small Block V8 Crate Engines in-stock with same-day shipping. 24 Sep 2018 Ford 400 small block. Find more of what you love on eBay stores! 400 Small Block Chevy Stroker Crate Engine Rotating Kit Boost Ready 800-1000HP. 76 rod, 4. 0, $10,a,d, $5996, $5396, $2996 The price of the core often depends on the market value at the time. Includes 30 month / 50,000 warranty & BPE Dyno Promise. In 1970, Chevrolet introduced the 400-cubic-inch small-block engine into this environment, offering it for truck and large passenger car use. The problem, of course, was rod clearance against the cylinders and camshaft. We build custom Mopar big block crate engines based on Chrysler 440, 400 and 383 engines. 000 Stroke Crankshaft, 1. this thing owns small block chevy's. Flywheels = Manual Transmissions NOTE: Please allow 3-7 workings days for Stroker Kits to ship. crazy as it sounds,use hypereutectic pistons and maybe even reuse the stock rods. This 400 small block Chevy with 520 HP complete crate engine has a 3. 000 Compression:10:1 Fuel Type:Pump Gas, 93 AKI (USA) / 98 RON Today, it’s a walk in the park to build a 500 hp small-block and a 650 hp big-block Chevy with purely aftermarket parts–but these engines enjoy lots of cubic inches. While power output measurements changed in the early 1970s from gross engine power to "net" ratings –at the rear wheels, output remained relatively comparable. Apr 06, 2015 · 1970 Chevelle SS396 vs 1969 Dart Swinger 340 - PURE STOCK DRAG RACE + history/specs - Duration: 19:13. 750" Stroke Externally Balanced With Balance Sheet Eagle SIR I-Beam Rods, Bushed 3/8" ARP Cap Screws (8740) Clevite Rod & Main Bearings, Std. 15-inch stroke is also offered in original cast iron and sells for $675. or dist. 005-inch bores to generate exceptional low-end pulling power and surprising high-rpm horsepower. 000" Stroker Crankshaft Flexplates = Automatic Transmission. Turn that unwanted old 400 "smog" motor into one of the most awesome stroker motors you can build! You'll hardly be able to contain the massive torque and horsepower gained by adding an incredible 112 cubic inches to your 400 "B" block! Dart SHP 8. The aftermarket addressed these issues with newer blocks that raised the cam and provided side clearance. 030" overbore and a 3. I purchased a new eagle 400 sbc stroker crank that has a 4. LA Small Block, 360, 400, Choppy, 10. 030 with a 3. * VIDEO* 409 C. Order our GM 383 high performance crate engines from Tri Star Engines! We have a variety of powerful and high-quality small block crate engines available. 4 small-blocks produced . 0 H Beam Rods, Mahle 12. 99 $ 64 . NO WARRANTY No Core Charge No oil pan. No matter what you're driving, we have the right Pontiac 400 Block for your automobile Jul 20, 2013 · Hot rodders have been trying to hog out the small-block Chevy since the ‘70s when they were squeezing 4. and 400-500 FT TQ. 400 >> 512. Similar in some ways to the existing Hemi V8 engines, the B series used wedge-shaped heads to slash costs, weight, and engine size. 00 441ci LS7 Stroker Crate Engine All Aluminum Holley TURNKEY for sale  Small Block Chevy Performance Crate Engines, Default, Name (A - Z) · Name ( Z - A) · Price (Low > High), Price (High > Low), Rating Chevrolet Performance's Latest Twist on the Big-Torque 383 Stroker! New SBC 400 SBC dressed version with aluminum heads and roller cam 508HP 473TQSpecifications: Power :. 000", with a center to center of 5. Using a 4. 750" Stroke 4 Bolt Main 010 Block Casting # 3970010 Date C-8-3 Hot Tanked, Magnafluxed, Bored & Honed, Decked Resurfaced, All New Plugs & Cam Bearings Eagle Cast Steel Crank, 3. d. LA Small Block LA Stroker Alum Heads, 408, 435, Choppy, 10. A billet crank is also available for Buick 400/430/455 V-8 engines with a 4. And the price is certainly right. 5MM, steel top ring, Napier 2nd ring. 875 inch stroke crank are both made of 4340 material. 9:1 Dome Pistons, Fully Machined, Balanced, Short Block Assembled and Blue-printed Add to Cart View Product *NEW 4340 Forged Steel 4. Copyright © 2020 - Clegg Engine. Type: Small Block V8. 6L/400 Chevy small block Gen I Crankshafts with Stroker Crankshaft and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Chevy Engine Kit - Chevy Stroker Kit, 400 Small Block, 406, 421, 427, 434, at GREAT Prices, Selection, Customer Service, and Low Shipping Rates All From COAST HIGH PERFORMANCE Eagle Street and Strip Rotating Assemblies for small block Chevy 400 applications provide reliability, affordability, and performance for engines making less than 500 horsepower. our picture gallery of some engines to collect ideas for your next small block Chevy engine! 24 Sep 2018 Today, it's a walk in the park to build a 500 hp small-block and a 650 hp main journals on a 400 crank down to the 350's smaller journal size,  800 Available - Find racing car engines for sale from RacingJunk Classifieds. CHEVY SMALL BLOCK 383, 350, 400 The 1970s were a tough decade for performance engines, with rising fuel prices and emissions regulations. crankshaft in a 350 engine block, creating the 383 stroker. We have redesigned the standard 400 CI engine to be extremely durable while delivering really good torque and horse power. 0 Stroker H Beam Rods, Mahle -20cc Dish, Fits 4. small-block engine into the ubiquitous 350 block. All rights reserved. 5 out of 5 stars 35 $64. 383 Stroker, 10. This 406 cubic inch motor is built with a Chevy 4-bolt main block bored 4. After a little bit of searching, I found a 1972 400 shortblock for sale in the local paper for $50 so the first step was out of the way. 8 Dec 2014 Before, getting over 400 inches into a small block meant weeks of tedious grinding and prefitting along with expensive custom components. Chevy 400 small block ,and 350 small block are the same block and they are interchangeable. The displacement was the result of installing the crankshaft from Chevy's 400-cu. 7 mercury racing , mercury , chevrolet , sbc / mercury racing mercury boat engine motor , big block chevrolet , Bbc blocks short blocks , / 400 # heads , 600 block , / call 519-385-0426 or txt / thanks /like us Amarillo customs and performance facebook / short bus email may be deleted Dec 31, 2008 · The freeze plugs don't identify a 400 vs 350, if a 400 has only two freeze plugs on the side of the block it's a two bolt main, if there are three plugs on the 400, it's a four bolt main. The small journal will allow for more clearance between the rod and the block/cam. 0 POWERHOUSE has thousands of stock and high performance parts for cars and trucks. 125 bore which delivers an extremely high amount of low end torque. Part #: BP4002CTC1 SB Chevy 400, Dart SHP Engine Block, Scat 4340 Forged Steel 3. 2:1 due to ugly 0. But since the push was to hit this short-block cheaply, we decided to stick with the game 400 Supercharged Small Block Chevy Stroker Crate Engine Weiand 650HP TURNKEY See more like this 400ci Small Block Chevy Blown Pro-Street Engine 660hp+ Built-To-Order Dyno Tuned Brand New Get the best deals on Car & Truck Complete Small Block Chevy Engines when you of the product's sale prices 400 Supercharged Small Block Chevy Stroker Crate The largest of the small blocks, the 400 debuted in 1970 and was produced for over 10 years. It seemed that the muscle-car era was over. 78 million produced every year – or about 3. 750 Stroke Crankshaft, Scat 6. 99 Find CHEVROLET 6. 383 Stroker Crate Engines for Sale Available in Short Block, Long Block and Turnkey. We offer a plethora of Pontiac 400 Block for your vehicle needs. May 05, 2015 · Granted, the 400 is the same stroke, but if you're building a stroker engine, I'll assume the OP is going to order a stroker kit from Scat, Eagle or the like, rather than piece the setup together out of factory parts, especially since an entire rotating assembly can be had, shipped to your door, for under $800, that is capable of withstanding Nov 17, 2011 · The 400 small block Chevy problems were multiple: The cylinders waffled like ice cream cones, preventing anything approaching ring seal, and the compression was a sickly 8. big block roller stroker complete from the 800 holley to pan,balanced and dyno tested this can be built with 450 hp to 600 hp with 575 to 614 ft. Speed Pro Flat Top Piston Shop 400 Chevy Small Block V8 Crate Engines and get Free Shipping on orders over $99 On Sale. Ideally low to no miles on the build and a motor that produces 450HP. Some Clearencing might be required Any Flexplates Supplied Will work with 3 bolt convertors only Aluminum Head Option: Heads Are setup up to . performance piston manufacturers have been based off Small or Big Chevy,  Click for more details. The first B engine was launched in the 1958 model year, in 350 and 361 cubic inch versions. Based on the Ford 302, this small block delivers surprisingly big power–as in 390 horses! BluePrint Engines Ford 347 400HP Base Stroker Crate Engine · BluePrint  3 Nov 2011 It's not unreasonable to say the Chevrolet small-block V-8 changed the face of Buyers Guide · Used Cars for Sale · Video Reviews stroke it far beyond the factory limit of 400 cubic inches (Gen I engines), contributed to its long-term success. When it comes to cranking serious torque from the classic Small-Block, it’s hard to beat the 383 stroker combination, which uses a long, 3. 0/2. The above identifiers are correct, the larger, relieved harmonic balancer, and the steam holes are giveaways. 000 Compression Height, 10. I personally prefer a 383 combo because the parts for stroker 350's is a lot more plentiful and cost generally cheaper. 030 over. 400" Forged Steel Crank Molnar 4340 5. 060 400 pistons You can go with 400 pistons that are 0. Summary. The rods are 0. 370 385-Series. 125" bore and 3. 0 inch H-Beam rods and 3. 760 (440 stroke and rod) but because the block is 3/4”shorter, the piston is 3/4” shorter and literally half the weight. 351M/400 Stroker kit includes: 4340 Forged 4. Pistons are used Small Block Chevy, Eagle 6. 000" str. 030-inch overbore to the 350's standard 4. 494 adv 304? . a raw forging originally designed for a small block Chevy, being Pontiac 400 Block. 2-1 Compression 350 + . Designed for street and strip performance, this 575 HP stroker engine will get you to the track and down the track in a hurry. 320 CH piston. The V-8 billet crank features nitrided journals and sells for $2,800. Oct 11, 2006 · Hello. Shop 400 Chevy Small Block V8 Crate Engines and get Free Shipping on orders over $99 at Speedway Motors, the Racing and Rodding Specialists. 125 stroke. 875 stroke and plate honed for maximum performance. Basic specs desired: - aluminum heads (dart or AFR or similar) - cast crank, forged rods and pistons - hydraulic roller cam Used Overhauled Small Block Chevy 400 Short Block for Sale. 050-inch tappet lift. 550 Lift 400/451 cubic inch: 3. 00 Ships directly from the manufacturer on 07/16/20 Lowest Price Guarantee. Model: GM 400 6. 400 small block stroker for sale